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Divine Transformation Initiative Uganda (DTIU)


This organization seeks to enhance, support and initiate the exploitation of surrounding resources and inherent potentials in people’s lives and their surrounding communities, to turn them to the benefit of human beings in their respective communities, cultures, religions and countries, so as to empower a person with knowledge and skills necessary to him/her through self-discovery, and utilization of their own local resource to their benefit.

To open the eyes and the minds of the locals and peoples to perceive what is Perfect/Right, hence helping communities turn to what is right, and perfect for the growth of their community. These becomes a starting point or base for becoming and having improved lives/statues in all aspects of life.

Protect and support the weaker persons against anti-transformation and abuse of any form, which may hamper development.

Support and advocate for individual, group, communities’ initiatives, hence help in tangible and result orientated activities.